Northern Michigan Hare Association

Beagling in the Upper Peninsula and Northern Lower of Michigan and Northern Wisconsin.


2019 - 2020

President: Pat Wendrick
1st Vice President: Rich Brodbeck
2nd Vice President: Darryl Rains
Secretary - Treasurer: Holly Moss

History of the
Northern Michigan Hare Association
and it's Clubs

A meeting was held on January 24th, 1951 with four beagle clubs in attendance.  At this time a resolution was presented to form an association.  Bill Roberts was elected President and Homar Larmay was elected Secretary/Treasurer of this new organization. The organization was formed in recognized by American Kennel Club (AKC) as to have some say in the laws that govern the beagle clubs.

 Lake Superior ​​


 Gogebic Range

Formed in 1937:
Clifford Warren and Bill Roberts were very active in this club by helping to organize for holding trials.  This was one of the four clubs present at the above meeting. 

Formed in 1940:
Ted Smedman was very influencial in organizing this club.  Ishpeming was one of the four clubs that help organize the meeting that created the NMHA. 
Formed in 1947:
Howard Wilson gets a lot of credit for helping this club off the ground.  This was one fo the four clubs present at the organizatin of the NMHA.



 Bay De Noc

Formed in 1952:
This was the 4th club to be inducted into the association. AKC then demanded that there be 5 clubs in the association so the Torch Lake Beagle Club was formed but folded along with many others.
Formed in 1954:
This club was helped out by members of the Ishpeming club who also had organized their own club. The Marquette Club lost the lease on the ground in _______. The club was reorganized in 2011 and held it first trail again in January of 2012. Maruqette holds thier trials at the Ishpeming club grounds.
Formed in 1954:
This club was organized under the leadership of Matt Lewis and Al Mortier along with all the older clubs in the association to ensure this clubs survival.


 Timberline (WI)


Formed in 1962:
This club was organized under the leadership of Bob Keyes. It held many successful trials but lost its grounds in the mid 80's and is now in part with Cherryland sharing grounds owned by Beagles Inc.

Applied for membership in 1978:
This club held trials at their grounds for many years. They lost the franchise in the late 1990's and the club was dissolved. Many of those beaglers joined Northland.
Applied for membership in 1972:
This club was organized under the leadership of Dennis Theisen, Len Salek, and Harold Berg. Berg donated 80 acres  of his running grounds to the club. Len Salek held FT Sec. position for many years. They now have a trailer used as a clubhouse and a veranda for meals.

 Eastern Upper Peninsula


 Borderline (WI)

Formed in 1995:
There are many people who worked very hard to get this club running. Terry Hannu, Tom Laverdure, Butch Saari, and Dean Carli Sr. were the hearts of this clubs organization. They used Dean's grounds until establishing their own. We can't forget Kathy and Nancy....good food girls!. 
Applied for membership in 1992:
John Dewyse, Tom Richards, John Davis and Gene & Marlene Byers were very instrumental in getting this club ready.  Marlene served as FT Sec. for many years.
Applied for membership in 1992:
This club was lead under leadership of William Van De Bogart who purchased the site to hold their trials and held their first one in 1992.We commend Bill on this achievment and for being a super organizer of this club. The grounds was put up for sale and the club holds it trials now at Mike Johnson and John DeWyse private grounds.

 Straits of Mackinac

 Snow Shoe Ridge (WI)

  Huron Valley

Applied for membership in 1996:
Under the leadership of Mike Johnson of Moran, MI and with the help of many others, this club held many successful SPO on Hare trials.  Unfortunatly, the club had to dissolved on March 23rd, 2006.  The club was reorganized in 2011 and held it's first trial in December 10th & 11th, 2011 at Mike Johnson & John DeWyse's private grounds.

Applied for membership in 2013:
In October 19th & 20th, 2013 they held their first Large Pack Trial.  Classes where ran at Harry Hollister', Mike Johnson, and John DeWyse's running grounds
Applied for membership in 2004:
Dean Carli Sr was insturmental in starting this club. This club will holds SPO trials.  In 2012, they held thier first LPH trial.  In 2013 the club holds it trials utilizing the Gogebic Range and Borderline grounds

 Central Michigan


In 1987 the Mid-Penn Beagle Club applied for membership but due to lack of interest it folded in 1990. They were never active and never held a trial.
Applied for membership in 2018:
​They held their first Large Pack trial  on June 30th and July 1st, 2018 at Harry Hollister's personal running grounds on Black Point Rd.  The Cherryland Beagle Club and especially Devin Parker  and the Hollister farmily where instrumental in helping get this club get started.